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CRPP Multiple Sclerosis

Disease-focused systems biology (genotyping, transcriptomics, proteomics, bioinformatics)

Principle investigator:   Prof. Dr. Roland Martin

Research focus

We pursue research in the area of 'disease-focused systems biology'. The following specific aims will be investigated:

  • Consolidate biobanking efforts; what shall be collected, SOPs, storage in which vessels, aliquoted into how many samples, pseudonymization, how to file and store data, regulatory approval
  • Decide on and implement tools how to genotype patients
  • Analyze data from heterogeneity of MS (HETOMS) studies (Hamburg); 100 patients that are already MRI phenotyped for whom we will have genotyping, exome sequencing and transcriptomics data (performed at Max Planck Institute for Psychiatry, Munich)
  • Begin to develop tools to 'mine' data, i.e. integrate genotyping, transcriptomics and proteomics data into pathways; incorporation of already published knowledge
  • Begin to develop assays that reflect specific aspects of MS pathogenesis, e.g. myelination/de-/remyelination; innate immune activation; T cell activation and others, in order to assess the role of genes, transcripts vis-à-vis the different phenotypes.

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